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Rebooking and Exchange Waiver for Planned Schedule Change

For Travel Agency in The US, CA, MX, BR, PE

Please be advised of the following procedure for the airline’s planned schedule change wherein the travel agency will be notified via GDS with UN/TK status.

Passengers are allowed only one adjustment/change per schedule change. Any subsequent changes are subject to all applicable fare rules and adjustments for taxes/fees/charges and fares must be made.


The following conditions qualify for Involuntary schedule changes, including other airlines' schedule changes (*):

  • Discontinued/Suspended flight
           Example: Flight changed to a different day of the week/Flight with upper class abolished
  • Change of flight time
  • Change of departure/arrival airport
           Example : HND <---> NRT

(*) Involuntary cases are where the passenger cannot be transported according to the confirmed itinerary on the ticket due to flight cancellation, delay, or other reason beyond the passenger's control. 

Applicable Tickets

ANA (NH 205) tickets that meet all of the following conditions:

  • ANA (NH 205) ticket issued by the travel agency.
  • Tickets impacted by airlines “Planned schedule change” (*1).

(*1) Planned schedule change: change of date, flight number, RBD (Reservation Booking Designator), STD/STA due to marketing reason (not including irregularity on departure day).

Agency Handling

Rebooking and Exchange 

  • Removal of all schedule change-affected segments.
  • Travel agents can only change the flight to the SAME CARRIER, SAME SECTORand SAME BOOKING CLASS only (*2).
  • Travel agents must reissue tickets at least 24 hours prior to scheduled departure.
  • All change fees and fare differences are waived. However, the appropriate waiver code must be entered when processing the even exchange.
  • Enter the waiver code at the beginning of the endorsement/restriction box prior to the original endorsement information. 
    • Waiver code: SKCHG FLT NO./DATE/ROUTING (please add the affected flight details as shown in the example)
      • Example: SKCHG NH10/01NOV/NRTJFK

(*2) If none of these conditions apply, please contact ANA Sales Support for assistance. 



  • Other tickets except as stated above shall be handled in accordance with involuntary handling at the ANA office. Please contact ANA Sales Support ( if you need assistance.
  • Travel agencies that fail to comply with above conditions will receive an ADM. Any ADM disputes must be substantiated with valid proof or documentation. ANA may reduce to 15% of ADM amount or USD40, whichever is higher, for insufficient procedure if dispute is accepted.