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Notice Regarding Haneda Airport Terminal 2 International Flight Service Expansion in Tokyo

Facilities for international flights at Haneda Airport’s Terminal 2 in Tokyo will be expanding operations on October 29th, 2023.

Details of the expansion and changes are as follows.

  •  Haneda=Vancouver flight (NH116), will now depart from Terminal 2.
  •  Haneda=Honolulu flight (NH186) will now depart from Terminal 2.
  •  Haneda Terminal 2 International Operating hours will now be 24/7.
  •  Departing International flights will triple, increasing from five flights to a total of 16 flights, including flights to Europe(London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Munich and destinations such as Honolulu, Singapore, Sydney and Shanghai(Hongqiao).
  • Arrival flights will have the scheduled arrival terminal displayed on the flight status tool 24 hours prior to departure time.
  • Confirmed arrival terminal will be displayed two hours prior to arrival on the ANA website, and ANA App.
  • The minimum transfer time from domestic flights to international flights in Terminal 2 is 55 minutes.

Please note that the terminal is subject to change. Stay up to date with our flight status tool.

ANA will continue to expand the number of routes operated from Terminal 2.

Additionally, please advise anyone affected by these changes to avoid checking in at the incorrect terminal when traveling from Haneda International Airport. View the full details of the changes here. 


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