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Request to input SSR Code for

Customer Contact Information

Per the amendment to IATA Resolution 830d, obtain customer contact information and enter it into the SSR field of the PNRs to provide customers with information related to flight irregularities in a timely manner.

For Customer willing to provide contact information

Please input the SSR CTC element as shown in the chart below. If the SSR CTC element is missing – or travel agency contact data has been entered instead of the customer contact data, the airline will not be able to notify the customer directly of irregular information. If the lack of information results in claims by the customer against the airline, (e.g. cost for travel to the airport or compensation), the airline may have recourse against the travel agency.

SSR Contact Information
CTCM Customer mobile phone number where ANA can reach at the destination
CTCE Customer E-mail address where ANA can reach at the destination
PCTC Customer secondary contact phone number

For Customer refusing to provide contact information

The travel agency may enter CTCR into the SSR. In this case, please inform the customer in advance that he/she may not be able to receive information from the airline regarding flight irregularities. The airline will not be held responsible for any costs or liabilities incurred due to the failure to provide contact information.

SSR Contact Information
CTCR Customer refuses to provide contact information to the airline

For Customer arriving in the United States

Due to the requirement from the U.S. government, it has been mandatory since 2021 to send passenger contact information to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for all passengers arriving in the U.S.

SSR Contact Information
DOC A Address while in the United States

(1) Please follow each GDS’s instructions, as commands and steps differ.

(2) Contact information should be entered in the SSR field only. CTC elements in other fields such as OSI or Remarks will not be eligible for sending messages to customers. 

ANA Distribution Policy 7.Customer Service