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Notice regarding NH159 New York=Haneda arrival terminal change

Facilities for international flights at Haneda Airport’s Terminal 2 in Tokyo will resume operations on July 19, 2023.

Beginning the same day, our JFK=HND flight (NH159) will arrive at Terminal 2. 

Haneda-Shanghai (NH969), Haneda-Taipei Songshan (NH851 & NH853), and Haneda-Hong Kong (NH859) flights will change to depart from Terminal 2, while ANA Japan domestic flights will continue to depart from Terminal 2. 

The HND=JFK flight (NH160) will continue to depart from Terminal 3 and JFK=HND (NH109/NH110) will operate both departures and arrivals from Terminal 3.

Please note that the terminal is subject to change. Stay up-to-date with our flight status tools.

We plan to gradually increase the routes operated from Terminal 2 as the number of international flights increases.


[Reminder] Customer contact information (SSR CTC)

To ensure airlines have accurate customer information needed to contact a customer in the event of irregular operations, we kindly remind travel agencies to add customer contacts in the SSR CTC.


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