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Death Case Waiver

For Travel Agency in The US, CA, MX, BR, PE

Travel agencies can apply for a death case waiver in the event of the passing of the passenger or an immediate family member* of the passenger. Following IATA and ANA’s policy, Death cases will be treated as involuntary cases provided the travel agency submits a valid Death Certificate** to the ANA Sales Support Group before processing an exchange or refund.

*Immediate Family member is defined as a spouse, children (including adopted children), parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, parents-in-law, siblings-in-law, and children-in-law.

**Death certificate is a certificate, or copy thereof duly executed by the competent authorities (i.e. those designated to issue death certificates by the applicable laws of the country concerned) in the country where the death occurred.

Applicable Tickets and Conditions

  • Validated on NH(205) ticket stock
  • Fare Type: All fare types

◆ Death of Passenger

Before Departure After Departure
Deceased Passenger - - Permitted
Accompanying passenger of deceased Not Permitted Permitted

◆ Death of the passenger’s immediate family member (Not accompanying passenger)

Before Departure After Departure
Passenger (who is immediate family member of deceased) Not Permitted Permitted Permitted
Accompanying passenger Not Permitted

Agency Handling 

Rebooking and Exchange

  • Submit a valid Death certificate to ANA Sales Support ( via Email. Once the request is authorized, they will provide you with more detailed instructions.
  • Reservation change/rerouting is limited to the original carrier and same booking class. Rebook and involuntary exchange tickets without a change fee.
  • Be sure to enter the waiver code in the endorsement/restriction box on the new ticket or the waiver code box in GDS/ARC/BSP.
  • Failure to submit a Death Certificate to ANA will be regarded as voluntary change and therefore is subject to all the fare rules.


  • Submit a valid Death certificate to ANA Sales Support ( via Email. Once the request is authorized, the waiver code will be provided.
  • Refund ticket without cancellation fee through GDS/ARC/BSP.
  • Be sure to enter the Waiver Code in the Waiver Code box on the refund report.
  • For partially used tickets, calculate the unused portion as an involuntary refund as well as unused PFC/Tax. Contact ANA Sales Support Group if needed.
  • The commission which was claimed on the ticket must be returned to ANA at the time of refund. In case of a refund of a partially used ticket, the commission will be recalculated based on the fare or charge for the itinerary already flown. The agency should return the difference between the commission already paid for the original itinerary and the commission recalculated for the flown itinerary.

Travel agencies that fail to comply with above conditions will receive an ADM. Any ADM disputes must be substantiated with valid proof or documentation. ANA may reduce to 15% of ADM amount or USD40, whichever is higher, for insufficient procedure if dispute is accepted.