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Name Correction Waiver

For Travel Agency in the US, CA, MX, BR, PE

ANA prohibits name changes to the PNR or ticket. However, if a name correction is required, please refer to the following conditions to make modifications to the PNR and ticket.

1. Permitted Corrections: 

  • Correction of the spelling, initials, and title of the name (gender change)
  • When the first name and the Last name are in the wrong order
  • Middle name addition and deletion
  • Last name change due to marriage or divorce

2. Applicable Ticket: 

  • Validated on NH (205) ticket stock
  • The ticket must be totally unused
  • All flights must be operated by NH
    *For itinerary including OA flight(s), please contact the relevant carrier in advance for OA
    name change policy before contacting ANA Sales Support ( assistance.
Name Correction Waiver Guideline

Option 1: Exchange

PNR Handling
**Please email ANA Sales Support ( to verify the new name and that the booking successfully reflects correctly in ANA's system, otherwise it may result in an automatic cancellation.

Ticket Handling

  • Reissue the ticket by doing an even exchange utilizing the Waiver Code at the beginning of the Endorsement/Restriction Box of the new ticket.
  • Only one exchange per ticket is allowed for a name correction. Any subsequent changes are subject to all applicable fare rules and adjustments for taxes/fees/charges and fares must be made.

Option 2: Issue a new ticket/cancel original

PNR Handling
This option is available when Option 1 is not possible. This option will essentially permit a full refund of the original ticket with the incorrect name with the condition that a new ticket with the correct name is purchased.

  • Keep the original PNR/ticket active.
  • Build a new PNR with the correct name and book flights and booking classes based on current availability. (itinerary must be the same origin and same destination as the original ticket.)
  • The new ticket must be issued on 205-NH ticket stock.


Ticket Handling

  • Please email ANA Sales Support ( before you issue the new ticket to verify if the itinerary qualifies and to obtain the Waiver Code and instructions.