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24-Hour Fare Guarantee Waiver

For Travel Agency in the US, CA, and MX

Travel agents may request a 24-hour fare guarantee waiver for published fares from the time the original reservation was made, provided that the record PNR includes a stored auto-fare quote. If the published fare increases or is canceled within 24 hours of the initial stored auto-fare quote, the original fare can be honored.

To qualify for the 24-hour fare guarantee, the following parameters apply: 

  • PNRs created by US/CA/MX agencies
  • Itinerary must originate from the US/CA/MX
  • Originally published fare is stored in the GDS
  • Itinerary is following advance purchase rules and ticketing time limit (the PNR is not expired)
  • Itinerary is following sales restriction rules (the fare is not expired)
  • There can be no changes to the original flights in the PNR
  • The original fare must have been valid when the PNR was booked
  • Transpacific flights must be NH-marketed and operated by either NH or UA only.
  • For discounted premium economy buy-up fares, the stored auto-fare quote confirms that the required dual inventory is eligible for both economy and premium economy booking codes were available at the time of booking and must be available at the time of 24-hour fare guarantee request
  • Ticketing must be completed within the same 24-hour period*

*Exceptions: For reservations made on a Friday, the waiver may be applied on the next Monday. For reservations made on a holiday, the waiver may be applied by the next business day.

Requesting a Waiver:

  • Due to time sensitivity, we highly encourage you to call instead of email; please call ANA Sales Support, if eligible our team will provide you with a waiver code and instructions.