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Rules and Penalties on Married Segment Control

Married Segments are defined as a travel itinerary that contains at least one connection booked as a single Origin and Destination (O&D). ANA provides a level of availability on married segments that differ from the level of availability provided if the segments were sold separately.

To ensure inventory integrity and avoid circumvention of our policy, ANA will monitor all transactions to identify booking abuses and practices that are not in line with our Married Segment Control (MSC) Policy. ANA reserves the right to assess fees and/or penalties for non-compliance per segment. We thank you for your continued support and compliance with ANA policies.

MSC Policy

Applicable Scope
All GDS bookings on ANA International flights regardless of issuance of the tickets

All bookings must be created by O&D. It is considered MSC abuse if the booking is done separately by each segment.

  1. Availability Request
    -The availability request must be done from O&D in a single entry regardless of whether the connection is NH domestic flights or OAL flights.
    - When adding a new segment to a PNR, you should retrieve PNR first before making the availability request to check the availability from O&D.
  2. Booking
    - Booking must be made by O&D in a single entry regardless of whether the connection is NH domestic flights or OAL flights.
    - For connecting flights, the Married Indicator (*) will be placed. (When married segments are booked, please inform the customers that all flights from O&D are booked together and therefore will be treated as one.)
    - It is prohibited to book unnecessary flights as part of the O&D.
    - When adding a connecting flight (within 24 hours) to a confirmed segment, cancel the confirmed segment and make a new booking from O&D.

    When there are no seats available on the connecting flights, it is not permitted to waitlist for the connecting flight alone. If you wish to waitlist, you need to cancel the confirmed segment, and waitlist from O&D.
    (*) Married Indicator is a recognition designated to connecting segments.
  3. Cancellation
    -Fraudulent removal of the Married Indicator is a violation. Partial cancellation of the itinerary with the Married Indicator be limited
    -In the event that one of the married segments needs to be removed, all segments with the Married Indicator (from O&D) must be removed.
  4. Ticketing
    Partial ticketing for itineraries with a Married Indicator is limited. Ticketing partial segments separately is also limited.

Bookings against the MSC rule will be considered as a violation regardless of whether a ticket is issued or not.

Penalty Actions
In the event that ANA's MCS policy is violated, the following penalties will apply:

  1. Penalty charges and fees (USD or equivalent in local currency)
    ANA will issue ADMs or invoices with the following penalty charges and fees.
    a) Penalty charges (per segment): USD400 
    b) Administration Fees (per ADM): USD25 
    *Fees and Penalty charges shall be converted to each BSP's settlement currency using BSR
     Administrative Fee for the issuance : Using effective BSR on the first date of every quarter (e.g.1st April/1st July/1st October/1st January)

  2. Limitation to the inventory access
    ANA reserves the right to limit the access to ANA’s inventory (availability, booking, and ticketing) to the travel agent in case of frequent violations and/or failure to pay any outstanding fees.
  3. Auto cancellation
    When booking ANA flights by deleting Married Indicators fraudulently, the system will detect and auto-cancel the abusive segment immediately after EOT. The following SSR message will be sent upon cancellation. ADM with the penalty charges and fees will not be issued for the canceled segment.


The travel agencies who issue tickets on behalf of other travel agencies should inform all your partners/agencies to comply with this rule.