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Group Booking

1. ANA Group Desk accepts group rate requests directly from travel agencies via email (

The following information is required:

  • Group Name
  • Your agency's ARC/IATA number
  • Complete itinerary including the flight numbers (We are unable to quote for non-ANA flights or NH codeshare flight numbers.)
  • Number of seats needed
  • Preferred base rate (budget per passenger) or competitor's base rate if any (Please advise the dollar amount.)

2. All information that is obtained will be forwarded to our Tokyo Headquarters office. If group space is available, the rate and commitment date (deadline to secure any seats with an advised rate) will be advised.

3. A group PNR will be created to secure the actual seats when we receive your request by the commitment date (A renegotiation will be required with the Tokyo Headquarters office if you fail to secure the seats by any given commitment date).

4. Deposit invoice will be sent when all of your requested flights are confirmed: 

  • USD100 per person for F/C/Y is required within 14 days after the invoice is sent.
  • Payment to ANA needs to be made using an EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document).
  • Full refund if canceled on/before 90 days prior to departure.
  • Between 89 days prior & up to ticketing time: 80% utilization requirement applies.
  • A USD100 penalty per seat will be charged for each seat below the 80% minimum.
  • If all seats are canceled within 89 days, the entire deposit will be forfeited (Deposit will be retained to cover the non-utilization penalty).
  • A deposit cannot be used to cover the group ticket amount.
  • Any qualified deposit amounts will be refunded after all applicable group tickets have been issued.

5. Group Policy 

  • Group size minimum is 10: If the group total becomes less than 10, any offered fare will no longer apply
  • 90 days prior to departure: Last day to cancel/reduce without any penalty
  • 45 days prior to departure: Names must be finalized
  • 21 days prior to departure: Ticketing must be completed
  • Deviation: Not acceptable

6. Applicable Flights 

  • NH Only (Code-share flights are not eligible)
  • Other than ANA flight(s) must be booked and issued separately

7. Seat Assignment (International flights only) 

  • Pre-assigned seating is permitted upon ticket issuance, but it is limited to availability.
  • Seats will be assigned in the order in which names have been entered in our system.

8. Ticketing, Payment, Agency Commission 

  • Ticketing Type: Bulk Ticketing only
  • Payment Type: Cash (This is a payment from agencies to ARC)
  • Agency Commission: No commission
  • Cancellation Penalty and Refund:
    - USD300 for Economy & Premium Economy on a totally unused ticket
    - USD500 for First/Business on a totally unused ticket
    - No refund is permitted for any partially used ticket
  • Inbound Date Change:
    - F & C cabin: USD500
    - Y cabin: Not Permitted

9. Miscellaneous 

  • All passenger names must match exactly with their passport names. Additionally, please advise each passenger’s date of birth with their gender when submitting the name list.
  • We will input a frequent flyer number into our group record, but please check any actual accrual rate with the applicable partner airlines.
  • Special requests such as wheelchairs, special meals, etc., may be provided if it is requested by the deadline.
  • Group tickets are ineligible for any upgrades.
  • For groups of 40 or more passengers, the ticketing deadline will be 30 days prior to the departure date.
  • We can offer a rate in Canadian dollars for any rate request from agencies located in Canada.