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Fare Desk Pricing

ANA is pleased to offer the services of our Fare Desk for pricing itineraries in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Itineraries will be priced provided ANA is the transpacific carrier or holds 50 percent of the non-transpacific flights. Tickets must be validated on ANA.

Note – ANA flight must be the operating carrier and not a marketing flight when there is an ANA route.

Fare Desk pricing is *not* offered for the following cases:

  • Itineraries with no ANA space.
  • Holding duplicate reservations or itineraries.
  • Itineraries with only waitlisted segments.
  • Itineraries with only open segments.
  • OAL Fare calculation(s) and/or OAL Fare re-calculation(s) even though the ticket is validated on NH plate.

Fare Quote Request

In order to provide accurate rates and the best service possible, in a timely manner, please advise any information which will be helpful in the remarks field of the PNR.


  • Fare type desired.
  • Complete routing including surface sectors.
  • Notate which segments need a fare if the entire itinerary does not need to be priced.
  • Clarify all open segments, stopover(s), or connection(s).
  • Ages of children and/or infants.
  • If there are duplicate flights, for example, one is confirmed and one is waitlisted, please indicate which flight should be included in the fare.
  • Any questions or special requests.

Fares will be advised in the remarks field of the PNR.


All Travel Consultants should queue rate requests to ANA Fare Desk via the following queues:

Requests Amadeus Sabre Apollo Galileo Worldspan
Regular request for rate QE/LAXNH0102/34C0 QP/QNH50/4 QEP/1BZ2 QEB/5NV2/1 QEP/NH0/20
Urgent rush requests for rate - QP/QNH60/4 QEP/1BZ2/0 QEB/5NV2/0 -

We request your cooperation in using the rush queue only for itineraries departing within 72 hours.

Turnaround Time

ANA Fare Desk will make every effort to price and return PNR within 72 hours of our receipt of your rate request. If irregularities or heavy workloads occur, PNRs will be prioritized by departure dates and/or ticketing time limits. We will acknowledge our receipt of the rate request by entering the date and time the PNR is being pulled from our rate queues in the remarks field.

Rate Guarantee 

Fares provided by ANA will be guaranteed to agencies until midnight of the same calendar day of the GDS location when the following conditions are met:

  • No change has been made to the itinerary.
  • Tickets are issued on the same calendar day that the rate is quoted.
  • Validation is on NH/205 ANA.
  • Necessary endorsement box information according to fare rules must be entered, in some cases, including ticket numbers.
  • Rate number is entered in the endorsement box of the ticket.

The rate guarantee applies only to journeys that are sold and ticketed in the USA, Canada, or Mexico.

Important Notice for your Client

It is ANA’s policy to offer your clients the lowest possible legal fare. In some instances, this will involve the issuance of a separate ticket for the return journey based on the foreign currency fare of the turnaround point. It is very important in such cases that you advise your client that changes or failure to use the flight coupons in sequence may result in very substantial additional collections en route. Should you have any questions, please email ANA Sales Support ( for assistance.

Thank you for your continued support.​​​​​​