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Special Ticket Handling for NH (205) tickets due to the Noto Peninsula Earthquake in Japan

Please be advised of ANA's special handling due to the Noto Peninsula Earthquake. 

If your customer holds tickets including NH flight(s) to/from the following airports, ANA will accept a One Time Change or Refund without any fees provided the following conditions are met.

Applicable Tickets 

・Ticketing Carrier: Tickets issued on NH/205
・Point of Sale: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Peru
・Applicable Fare: All Fare types

< Itinerary from/to KMQ, TOY  _ updated on 1/4/2024
Tickets issued on/before: January 4, 2024
・Original travel date: January 1-12, 2024
・Change permitted until: January 19, 2024

< Itinerary from/to KIJ, SYO >
Tickets issued on/before: January 1, 2024
・Original travel date: January 1-5, 2024
・Change permitted until: January 12, 2024

< Itinerary from/to NTQ > _ updated on 1/12/2024
・Tickets issued on/before: January 12, 2024  
・Original travel date: January 1-March 31, 2024 - Extended 
・Change permitted until: April 7, 2024 - Extended 

Waiver Code : WJP401

Agency Handling

[Rebooking and Exchange]

Change is permitted once

(*) If no alternative flight is found within this period, the first available flight may be taken

Ticketing Procedure: Involuntary reissue is permitted with the original booking class using the Waiver Code "INVOL DUE TO NTQ EQ" in the Endorsement Box of the reissued ticket.


Involuntary Refund is permitted using the waiver code in the Waiver Code box or Refund Application Box of the ARC/BSP Reports.

Tickets other than stated above shall be handled in accordance with involuntary handling by ANA. Please contact ANA Sales Support for further assistance. 

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