Waiver Authorization Code for Flight Operation Irregularity

All Nippon Airways Waiver Guideline (US, CA, MX, BR & PE)
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Please refer to the Waiver Authorization Code for Flight Irregularity & Planned Schedule Change.

a) Applicable Ticket: ANA (NH-205) tickets issued by a travel agency
b) Point of Sale: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Peru
c) Applicable Flight: NH flight number & NH operated flights involuntary cases
d) Applicable Fare: All fare types

Refund Procedure

a) Travel agencies may self-refund tickets without fee by entering the Waiver in the Waiver Code Box, Reason Code, or Refund Application in GDS & ARC/BSP reporting.

- Entering the Waiver Code in the OSI field will NOT be recognized during the auditing process and is subject to ADM. 

b) For partially used tickets, contact ANA Sales Support for refund assistance.

c) Ticket is valid for one (1) year
    - For wholly unused tickets, the ticket must be refunded within one (1) year + 30 days from the date of issuance
    - For partially used tickets, the ticket must be refunded within one (1) year + 30 days from the outbound travel date

Flight Operation Irregularity 

  • Flight Cancellation/Flight delay for more than 120 minutes
  • Waiver Code: WITNCF

Please select the ticketed travel month from the list below:

Year Month
2021 Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Year Month
2022 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
  Oct Nov Dec            

Schedule Change (SKCHG) 

  • Discontinued/Suspended flights
    • Examples: Flights changed to a different day of the week/ Flights with upper class abolished
  • Change of departure/arrival airport
    • Example : HND <--> NRT
  • The waiver can only be used for tickets issued before the eligible date on the schedule change list(noted in the list below).
    • Waiver Code: WITSKC

Schedule Change Flight List




When the ticket is totally or partially refunded, the agent commission which was claimed on the ticket must be returned to ANA at the time of refund report except for involuntary downgrade.
Other tickets except as stated above shall be handled in accordance with involuntary handling at the ANA office. Please contact our ANA Sales/Agency Support Team.