Ticket Validity Extension for Refund under COVID-19

Update: October 1, 2021

Due to the prolonged situation surrounding COVID-19, ANA has temporarily adjusted ticket validity to 24 months to enable refund processing through January 31, 2022 for passengers whose travel was affected by an ANA flight cancellation or border restriction due to COVID-19 under the following conditions:

Refund Conditions:

●      Refunds must be processed by the issuing Agency
●      US and Canada Agencies: Must be submitted via ARC/BSP/GDS
●      Mexico, Brazil and Peru Agencies: Must be submitted using a Refund Application via BSPlink

Ticket and Travel Validity:

Travel Period* Ticketing Dates
to/from Wuhan 1/21/20-10/30/21 on/before
to/from Mainland China 1/24/20-10/30/21
to/from Hong Kong/Macau 1/30/20-10/30/21
to/from/via/within Japan 2/26/20-10/30/21




* At least one flight segment must be within the above Travel Period for the ticket to eligible for a refund.

Applicable Tickets:

●      Point of Sale: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Peru
●      Validated on NH (205) ticket stock

Required Waiver Code:

●     WCEXRF must be entered in the Waiver Code box of ARC/BSP Refund Report or BSP Refund Application to avoid Agency Debit Memo (ADM)


●      To avoid Agency Debit Memo (ADM), commissions must be returned

Partially used tickets and fare/tax calculation:

●      Contact ANA Sales Support at salessupport@fly-ana.com to verify refund eligibility and partial fare and tax calculations


●      Not permitted

Allowable Exceptions:

●      Flights/bookings not cancelled prior to departure are eligible for refund if all conditions outlined in this waiver are met
●      If travel plans have been impacted by COVID-19 regardless of a flight cancellation or delay, tickets are eligible for a refund if all conditions outlined in this 
        waiver are met

Accessing Tickets:

●      Tickets remain active in our systems for 24 months and ARC, BSP, and each GDS will recognize the ticket validity, making tickets accessible
         - Totally unused tickets: 730days from the ticket issue date
         - Partially used ticket: 730days from the last date of usage
●      GDSs allow agencies to retrieve a ticket by ticket number without a live PNR
●      For instructions on how to retrieve eTickets via your GDS, contact your GDS Help Desk


●      Contact ANA Sales Support for assistance