Name Correction Waiver Guideline

All Nippon Airways Waiver Guideline (US, CA , MX, BR & PE)

In principal, ANA prohibits any changes in the name field after PNR creation. However, if an occasion which requires name correction happens, travel agents can make name correction on All Nippon Airways (205) validated tickets and reissue/even exchange the ticket without any penalties. Name corrections are not allowed to substitute one passenger for another. The travel agents are required to ensure that a passenger's ticket matches their government issued photo identification.

To complete a name correction, the following criteria must be met:

  • Correction of spelling, initial, title of the name (gender change)
  • When the first name and the family name are in the wrong order
  • Middle name addition and deletion
  • Surname change due to marriage or divorce
  • Incorrectly-input name (including misread kanji)
  • All Nippon Airways (NH 205) must be the validating carrier
  • All flights on the ticket must be operated by NH.
    * For the itinerary including flights operated by any other carrier, please contact ANA Sales Support Desk for assistance.
  • Changes to flights, travel dates or itinerary are not permitted.
  • Only one reissue per ticket is allowed for a name correction.
    Any additional name corrections are subject to all change fees and increases in fare.

 Instructions for Exchange/Refund 

  • Make sure if the name correction meets the above conditions.
  • Whenever possible, correct the name on the original PNR. If that is not possible, then book a new PNR with correct name.
    **Please contact our ANA Sales/Agency Support Team to make sure if the new name & booking is successfully reflected to ANA’s system.
       (Failure to check with ANA may cause an automated booking cancellation).
  • Attempt to secure the same fare class that is ticketed, but if that cannot be done, book the flight in the lowest available fare class.
  • Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD) must be re-entered with the new name.
  • Cancel the flights from the original booking if you were not able to correct the name using the PNR. This will release the seats back into inventory and avoid duplicate space on the same flight (*).
    (*) When no class is available for rebooking, please DO NOT cancel the original booking. Contact ANA Sales Support Desk for assistance.
  • < Exchange option> Reissue the ticket by doing an even exchange and utilizing the Waiver Code “Name Correction” in the Endorsement Restriction Box on the
                                     new ticket.
  • < Refund option> When the ticket is to be refunded & new ticket is issued, please contact ANA Sales Sales Support Desk to obtain the Waiver Code and process a refund through GDS and enter the obtained waiver code in ARC/BSP refund report. 
  • Failure to comply with the name correction policy will result in a debit memo.
  • Travel agencies that fail to comply with above conditions will receive an ADM. Any ADM disputes must be substantiated with valid proof or documentation. ANA may reduce to 15% of ADM amount or USD40, whichever is higher, for insufficient procedure if dispute is accepted.