Passengers traveling to, from or via the impacted airport(s) listed below are permitted to make a one-time voluntary change to their plans within the parameters provided below. Change in extended dates shown in red below.  

1. Applicable Conditions and Waiver Code:

For itineraries to/from airports in mainland China and HKG/MFM

 Original Travel Dates  Original scheduled travel January 24 - August 31, 2020
 New Travel Dates  Rescheduled travel must originate on/before March 31, 2021
 Original Ticketing Dates  For tickets issued on/before February 26, 2020
 Impacted Cities  Airports in mainland China and HKG/MFM
 Waiver Code  WCN001


For itineraries to/from/via airports in Japan

 Original Travel Dates  Original scheduled travel February 28 - August 31, 2020
 New Travel Dates  Rescheduled travel must originate on/before March 31, 2021
 Original Ticketing Dates  For tickets issued on/before June 1, 2020
 Impacted Cities  Airports in Japan
 Waiver Code  WCN001


a) Point of Sale:                  USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Peru
b) Applicable Flight:            NH marketed or operated flight(s) to/from/via the impacted airport(s)
c) Applicable Fares:            All fare types
d) Applicable Tickets:          Validated on NH (205) ticket stock               

2. Rebooking Procedures:

Travel agencies may make changes to tickets they have issued by entering the waiver code in the Endorsement Box of the reissued ticket as well as in the OSI field of the PNR under the following conditions.

a) Changing to earlier or later flight is allowed and change fee and add/collect will be waived

  • Travel must be rescheduled in the same booking class
  • Travel must be on the same origin and destination as previously ticketed
  • Change from NH operated flight to NH marketed flight is NOT permitted 
    Exception: Change to NH marketed flight operated by UA is permitted
  • Change of transfer point is permitted
    (Example: CMH-IAD-NRT>>>CMH-ORD-NRT)
  • Change from connecting to direct flight is permitted
    (Example: IAD-ORD-NRT>>>IAD-NRT)
  • Change from direct to connecting flight is NOT permitted
    (Example: LAX-NRT>>>LAX-SFO-NRT)
  • Minimum/maximum stay requirements must be met for wholly rescheduled travel
  • Final travel must be completed by the end of validity of ticket

b) Change fee and add/collect will still apply when rebooking of return travel date is not affected by the above situation

3. Refund Procedures:

Travel agencies may self-refund tickets without fee by entering the waiver code in the Waiver Code box, Reason Code field or Refund Application Box.

Exception: Tickets that contain "INVL RFD NOT PERM" or any similar Involuntary restriction in the Endorsement Box may not be refunded using this waiver. Please contact the ANA Sales Support Team for assistance.