Passengers are permitted to make voluntary changes to their plans within the parameters provided. Extended dates in red below.

1. Applicable Conditions:

 Travel Dates  Original scheduled travel on/after June 12, 2020
 New Travel Dates  Rescheduled travel must be completed by the ticket validity
 Ticketing Dates  For tickets issued June 12 - December 31, 2020
 Point of Origin
 USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Peru

a) Point of Sale:                  All point of sale
b) Applicable Fares:            All fare types
d) Applicable Tickets:          Validated on NH (205) ticket stock               

2. Rebooking Procedures:

Travel agencies may make changes to tickets they have issued under the following conditions.

a) Change fee will be automatically waived and Travel agencies are not required to input waiver code 

b) The new ticket is subject to the new fare rules and applicable to any add/collect   

c) Exception: For Private fares or if a fee does not automatically waive for a qualifying ticket, input waiver code WCNCHG in the Endorsement Box