Passengers are permitted to make voluntary changes to their plans within the parameters provided. Extended dates and conditions in red below.

1. Applicable Conditions:

 Travel Dates  Original scheduled travel on/after June 12, 2020
 New Travel Dates  Rescheduled travel must be completed by the ticket validity
 Ticketing Dates  For tickets issued June 12, 2020 - April 30, 2022
 Point of Origin  Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America

a) Point of Sale:                  All Point of Sale
b) Applicable Fares:            Most NH fares 
                                            <Exception> Non refundable&non changeable fares do not apply for this waiver
c) Applicable Tickets:          Validated on NH (205) ticket stock within the ticket validity        

* For information regarding the change fee elimination for travel originating USA (including Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands), please click here for more details.

2. Rebooking Procedures:

Travel partners may make changes to tickets they have issued under the following terms and conditions.

a) Any changes must be made prior to the ticketed travel date
b) The new ticket is subject to the new fare rules and applicable to any add/collect
c) For tickets that include a sector fare or is combined with a fare originating outside Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America, penalties may apply
d) Change fee will be automatically waived and a waiver code is not required
e) Fares, fees, rules are subject to change without notice

3. Others:

a) Contract fares such as bulk fares may not be eligible
b) Other restrictions may apply