ANA’s Updated Safety Precautions & Preventing the Further Spread of COVID-19 with Your Help

We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our passengers and employees throughout the journey. The following measures and safety precautions have been implemented in order to provide our passengers and industry partners with peace of mind, and we will continue our efforts to provide a safe travel environment.


All aircraft are equipped with the latest HEPA* air filtration systems, which circulate new air through the cabin every three minutes. 

All aircraft are routinely disinfected before every international flight. We ensure your safety through the use of a special sanitizing regime to clean all areas that are frequently touched. Additional antibacterial wipes will be provided inflight to those in need.

Our cabin attendants are required to wear face masks on all flights, and gloves are worn during meal and drink services. At the ANA Lounge we are providing individually wrapped food items and drinks. 

Face masks and face shields are worn by all ground staff so that we can continue to serve you safely. Vinyl curtains will also be installed at the counters at some airports.

You will be able to confirm the reservation status of your flight in advance and reserve your seats. Please use our online check-in and ANA Baggage Drop (self-service baggage drop machine) and follow the staff’s instruction to secure the distance between yourself and other passengers.

To ensure the safety of all passengers flying with us, we are asking all passengers to wear face coverings at the airport and onboard the aircraft. Partner airlines are also requiring passengers to wear face coverings, so please refer to the respective airline's website for more information.
*High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter: A high-performance filter that captures more than 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles.

We thank you for your loyalty and partnership during these challenging times.
  We will continue doing all we can to merit the faith that you have shown in us.  Please refer to ANA's COVID-19 website for the latest updates.