A brief message from our
Senior Vice President of the Americas, Shigeru Hattori

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Transpacific Network Highlights for October
For October, we plan to operate approximately 40 round trip flights per week from 9 gateways in the Americas to Tokyo, including the resumption of our Houston to Haneda flight and increase to 5 and 6 flights per week on New York/JFK to Narita and Mexico City to Narita respectively. The Honolulu to Narita route will resume with 2 round-trip services in October in order to meet the demands of passengers for studying or working purposes.
  • Maintain     7 flights per week, Chicago to Narita
  • Increase     5 flights per week, New York/JFK to Narita
  • Resume      2 round-trip flights, Honolulu to Narita*
  • Resume      3 flights per week, Houston to Haneda
  • Maintain     3 flights per week, Los Angeles to Haneda
  • Maintain     7 flights per week, Los Angeles to Narita
  • Maintain     3 flights per week, San Francisco to Narita
  • Maintain     3 flights per week, Washington/IAD to Haneda
  • Maintain     3 flights per week, Vancouver to Haneda
  • Increase     6 flights per week, Mexico City to Narita
Subject to travel and entry restrictions. Operating dates and frequency subject to change. *Honolulu=Narita route will resume 2 round-trip services in October operated by 787-9 (246 seats) in order to meet the demands of passengers for studying or working purposes. The sales will be resumed on September 10 (Japan Time). NH183 to operate on October 6 and 20. NH184 will operate on October 5 and 19.  Learn more about our international and Japan domestic flight operations at fly-ana.com

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Re-entry of foreign nationals with the
status of residence

On 28th August 2020, the Government of Japan announced its decision that from 1st September 2020, all foreign nationals with the status of residence who have departed from Japan before 31st August 2020 with a valid re-entry permit, are eligible to re-enter Japan.

As for the foreign nationals with the status of residence currently residing in Japan and will depart from Japan on and after 1st September, please refer to the website of Immigration Services Agency of Japan.

With a view to containing the spread of infections, some additional quarantine measures will be introduced from 1st September 2020 to the foreign nationals with any of the four categories of the status of residence, namely “Permanent Resident”, ”Spouse or Child of Japanese National”, “Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident” and “Long Term Resident” (including the spouse of a Japanese national or Japanese child who does not have these statuses of residence; the same applies hereinafter) and those who have special exceptional circumstances.

Note: This measure is not applied to those who have already possessed and will possess diplomatic and official visas.

For complete details, processes and the required documents, refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website here >

The links and requirements described above are meant to serve as a guide and are subject to change without notice. As always, it is the sole responsibility of the passenger to identify and obtain all required travel documents including, but not limited to, passports, visas and other necessary certificates.